About Me

Shiva PurohithMy new blog:  http://www.digitalgyan.com

SEO professional who has more than over Six+ YEARS of experience and TEN YEARS of Internet Research experience. Diverse experience includes web development, pharmaceutical, Public sector, Manufacturing, Dog training, Automotive and Startup companies that specializes in Internet-based information mining and online marketing…

In Search Marketing, I experienced in-detail, analyzed, designed and supported development of interfaces across various modules like onsite, offsite, Link building and provided Solutions for business needs. My experience ranges from web hosting to web promotion in the areas of Search Marketing, consulting in areas including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click PPC Advertising, Google Analytics, Banner Advertising, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Marketing Optimization (SMO), SEO Website Design, and Online Branding using SEO STRATEGIES.

I have worked extensively with the onsite-offshore models and managed technical teams. I do posses excellent communication skills and a good interpersonal ability in working environment. To add I’m a very good Team Lead & a Team Player.

Currently my role provides search marketing by optimizing the website with extensive onsite and offsite for development and quality of the deliverables by understanding the expectations. With the experience of working with Google, yahoo and MSN search engines has become a SEARCH MARKETING SPECIALIST….

Prior to my current position, contributed and managed in customer-focused technical professional with significant success in web site’s traffic generation for enterprise-level customers. Specialties include Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Customer Service and Technical Support.

As Functional and Technical consultant I have consistently delivered cost effective quality results….

My new blog:  http://www.digitalgyan.com



  1. I need assistance with SEO. I don’t have a large budget. If you can’t help, please refer me to someone. Thank you.

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